It can be tough to know what to believe on the internet these days. From Russian trolls and fake news to photo-shopped fakes and click bait, we’ve all grown painfully aware of how easily our eyes can deceive us. There was a time when seeing a picture of something was enough to make you believe it, but now, we all tend to approach internet fodder with a side-eyed skepticism, lest we become like our parents, using our e-mails purely for correspondence that begins with “FWD: FWD: FWD: FWD:” and ends with poorly supported claims about a politician they hate.

The thing is… sometimes, even in today’s cynical world, seeing can be believing. The image above, making its way around the internet, has been claimed by many to be a natural ice formation, despite looking so perfectly square that it must be either a man-made sheet of ice or a photo-shopped bit of image fakery. It is, in fact, neither of those things: this floating ice cube is not only real, it’s a naturally occurring phenomenon.