Reports streamed out of Iran late this week when a top Iranian scientist was killed in an attack outside of Tehran. The attack launched a stream of accusations that suggested U.S. and Israeli involvement. Our analysis suggested that the attack was carried out by Mossad and likely stemmed from a clandestine meeting between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. 

Elsewhere, we tracked several reports in Africa. Greek special forces are gearing up to join the coalition task force Takuba in the Sahel; Six Somali Danab SF soldiers were killed in an IED attack; and news surfaced of the combat death of a senior CIA officer in Somalia.

At home, we tracked the presidential transition and the actions of the president in his final weeks in office. We addressed the concerns over President Trump’s reluctance to hand over the White House and followed a report on the Defense Bill that POTUS has threatened to veto over the inclusion of a plan to rename military bases bearing the names of Confederate generals. 

We brought you several military reports this week as well. We updated you on the progress of Operation Warp Speed and how the task force is gearing up to deliver the coronavirus vaccine. We also reported on the former U.S. soldier charged with providing support for terrorist groups. SOFREP Veteran Steve Balestrieri brought us a tale about spending Thanksgiving at SERE school, and Sean Spoonts reminded us of the complete badassery of legendary Special Forces Colonel and Medal of Honor recipient Robert Howard