Denis McDonough was sworn in as the new Secretary of the Veterans Administration (VA) this week. The news, glossed over by many, made us wonder how things will change for the better for our veterans under the new boss. McDonough, only the second VA Secretary without military experience to hold the office, has promised to “fight like hell,” but the issues that face him — and the VA — may be too great. 

In many ways, McDonough’s appointment is an apt analogy for how the Biden Administration has operated since President Biden took office. A stream of Obama-era politicians have been tapped for high-level positions ushering in a progressive era for the White House. But for all its groundbreaking, headline-making moves, the administration seems outgunned by the problems facing it. 

In no particular order, these include the possible withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan; the ongoing violence in Syria; the international efforts in the Sahel to quash a growing terror threat; Somali elections and the increase in targeted attacks by al-Shabaab; a coup in Burma; China and Taiwan, and of course, the ongoing Great Power Competition with near-peer Russia and China.

Also, don’t forget about Iran. And Big Tech.