I had a good divorce, as good as it can get, and because my ex and I had an incredible counselor, we ended up building a great relationship together as co-parents to our three amazing children.

I’m sharing the experience with you hoping that it helps some people, especially since there don’t seem to be many good resources out there.

Maybe I’ll write a book called, Happy Divorce. Maybe…

As a young Navy guy, I did wish there were better resources and advice on marriage, and counseling. There are very few resources out there. And talking about marriage counseling or divorce is still a bit taboo, unfortunately.

If I were president for a day I’d forbid any person from being married until after four years of service. The military pays you more to be married, so it creates a financial incentive for young kids in love to tie the knot. Who doesn’t want more pay and to live off base?

It’s what happened to me. I met and fell in love with a great woman for the first time and we rushed into marriage eyes wide shut. Years later we realized we were different people with different plans for the future and decided to part ways amicably as possible. Thankfully we had an amazing psychologist guide us through the divorce.

So here are my three tips for marriage counceling.

Tip #1

Make sure both of you are 100 percent committed to the process, hold what’s said in confidence, and respect each other’s point of view.