We tend to devote a lot of time to discussing firearms, in large part because we love them, but also because they’re an essential tool for the warfighter – and in some cases – for the defense of ourselves and others in a domestic setting.  I carry a full frame 1911 every day, not because I don’t like the Glock, but because something about how my brain is wired to my hands just makes me a bit more accurate and a bit quicker with the 1911, and like the debate between the iPhone and Android, I prefer what I’m most comfortable with.

So when I visited a friend who lives in a more urban setting recently and we got into a discussion about self-defense, he wasn’t surprised to learn that I was carrying, but lamented about his cultural environment and how it wouldn’t be socially acceptable for him to carry on a daily basis.  He punctuated his complaint with, “It seems stupid to worry about my friends’ feelings when someone could sneak up on me in the subway, I know, but I’ve got to work with these people.”

That’s when I produced my other every-day-carry, my trusty pocket knife.

We tend to think of pocket knives as a utilitarian necessity in the military, and most of us that lead lives outside the hustle and bustle of the city often find ourselves using them a few times a day for a variety of things – none of which are self-defense, so people from all walks of life might be surprised to know that in many dangerous situations, I might reach for my knife before choosing to draw my pistol.