By the last week of February, the Thunderbirds are putting the final touches on the complete demonstration. The Commander of Air Combat Command (COMACC) observes a private approval demonstration, with a keen eye toward safety and execution. Once he signs off, we are ready to hit the road and transition to our show season!

Life on the road has a different pace, and while the days aren’t usually as long, we now work six days a week. Our typical show season week goes as follows:

Thursdays are the day we deploy to a show site. We typically take a Boeing C-17A Globemaster III, but two or even three Lockheed-Martin C-130s are not uncommon, either.

We do not have dedicated airlift like the Blue Angels–except on overseas tours. Thursdays can be long because we can meet as early as 0400, have a flight up to 6 hours long, and start working the moment we land.