As many keep talking about the label of “Radical Islamic Terrorism,” I will tell you the reason why ISIS needs to be labeled what it is.

I don’t believe that the real issues are being laid out. I feel that, by not calling this issue Radical Islamic Terrorism, we’re actually hurting the majority of the Muslims who view this ethos as negatively as I do. By not calling a spade a spade, we are not clearly separating the two, which is causing them to be dragged into the same bucket as ISIS.

Look, no one is being fooled anymore if the administration calls the Ft. Hood attacks “workplace violence,” or if they say that the Boston bombing was done by a “lone wolf.” People know that’s bullshit, and until it’s labeled as Radical Islamic Terrorism the world will continue to hold innocent Muslims generally responsible. In my opinion, this is completely wrong, especially because so many Muslims around the world live with this problem in their own backyard and face it 100 times worse than we could imagine.

I’m a Christian and an American. I have seen these people first-hand, willing to give their lives for me just as I was for them. Many of these Muslims have fought next to Americans, from the sands of Iraq to the Mountains of Afghanistan, and they were just as close to me as the Americans with whom I served alongside in combat. They were my brothers and they shared the same hatred for the enemy as I did.