One of the reasons the guys created the SOFREP  media site is that we are tired of the press and industry getting it all wrong with everything Special Operations.  The recent Times blog post by Mark Thompson is a great example.  He obviously has no idea what he’s talking about, and is indeed proof that they ARE in contradiction with their “military intelligence” blog title.

Mark is quoted saying:

“Who’d have thunk the gang that got bin Laden would have to go outside their own tight circle to study pugilism? ”

Well let me tell you something Mark, smart people bring experts to help and to learn new perspective. We’ve been doing it for years and who’d of thunk it? The US Special Operations community, that’s who, Mark.

Mark’s Comments on The Times BabbleLand Blog

FYI-We don’t call it Team 6 and the patch pictured isn’t a legitimate unit patch.

So the usual suspects continue to get it wrong and just don’t leave well enough alone. There’s a time and place for good story and we’ve had enough crumb snatching for now. Should we expect to see a DEVGRU commentary about their acquisition of cleaning supplies next?