Today, July 28th, 2022, marks Ukraine’s first ever official day of statehood, as declared by President Volodymyr Zelensky. On Sunday, the President of Ukraine’s official website published a speech calling the upcoming week symbolic because it contained the first time the nation has declared a day of statehood.

The speech reads, in part:

“An important, symbolic week begins tomorrow. The week when we will first celebrate the Day of Ukrainian Statehood on July 28. For the first time.

Celebrate at the time of such a brutal war – in the sixth month of it. After eight years of war in Donbas. But we will celebrate. Despite all. Because Ukrainians cannot be broken.

The Day of Ukrainian Statehood will assert the connection of Ukrainians living now with many generations of our people. The state-building experience of Ukrainians, our culture, our identity, Ukrainian character are more than a thousand years old.” 

A screenshot of President Zelensky delivering the historic speech. Image Credit: Office of the President of Ukraine

He goes on to speak about current warriors exhibiting the same bravery as heroic historical figures:

“Now, in many exploits of our warriors, in the wisdom of our people in battles, even simply in the conversations of ordinary Ukrainians about what is happening, we can see, we can hear and understand examples of the same characters but hundreds of years ago. We can see examples of the same bravery, the same attitude to life, and most importantly, the attitude towards Ukraine and the enemy.”

Zelensky talks about how only those who don’t understand the true courage and tenacity of the Ukrainian people could be foolish enough to attack them:

“Only those who do not know the truth of history and do not feel its meaning could decide to attack us. After all that our people have gone through, after all that we have learned over the centuries. Ukrainians will never give up their independence. And they will not break from the inside as has happened more than once. Not this time!

Preserving unity now, working together for the victory is the most important national task that we all will definitely fulfill.”

Each of the tridents in the pattern has a unique meaning. They are a symbol of struggle, independence, history, and identity. Image Credit:

He talks of the future, about becoming a full-fledged member of the European Union:

“And therefore, we will be able to do what previous generations could not do before. This applies to our defense in this war for independence, to our course towards a united Europe, towards full membership in the EU, and our ability to become one of the most modern states in the world.

There is no one now who would doubt this. There are only those who argue about how to achieve this. It will happen. This is a sign of faith in Ukraine – not only our own faith.”

The President mentions that even the invaders know they are doomed, and it is hardly a secret:

“Even the occupiers admit that we will win. We hear it in their conversations – all the time, in what they tell their loved ones when they contact them.”

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He tells his people they have been doing everything possible since the invasion to push back their enemy and gain international support for their cause. He notes that this week, as they proudly celebrate their independent statehood that there will be more pushing forward on all fronts, both economic, in the military, and diplomatically:

“Therefore, we do not slow down and, as every day for five months, we are doing everything to inflict the greatest possible losses on the enemy and to gather as much support as possible for Ukraine.

This week there will be important visits of partners, there will be important negotiations, and most importantly, there will be the further advancement of Ukrainian positions. At the front, in diplomacy, in the economy.”

Zenelsky concluded with a rousing thanks to his people, wishing them a bountiful week:

“I am grateful to everyone who defends our country!

And I wish all of us, all Ukrainians, a fruitful new week.

Glory to Ukraine!”

We at SOFREP embrace the spirit of the President’s speech, wish all free people continued prosperity, and share our sincere hope that the oppressed people of the world will one-day know the freedom that all Mankind has a natural right to.