Top Gun Maverick opened a few days ago to big box office numbers, bringing in more than $150 million in its first weekend. $150 million dollars would buy Russia about 33 modern T-90 tanks, which is about the same number they lose in a weekend too.

By now you’ve probably read 30 reviews that all pretty much cover the same points,

“Better than the original”

“Not as good as the original”

“Kinda the same as the original”

I saw the movie a few days prior to its general release and fall into the camp of it being “Kinda the same as the original.”  The movie recreates several scenes that are iconic from the first movie;

The movie opens with the original Kenny Loggins song “Danger Zone” and fighters launch from a carrier, except this time Tom Cruise makes a carrier take-off.

Tom Cruise racing a fighter down the runway on a motorcycle, the volleyball scene redone as a beach football scene, and wise-cracking fighter pilots at their first briefing in a hanger at the Navy Fighter Weapons School(TOPGUN).