In honor of Mother’s Day, let’s take a quick look at this thing called motherhood. Our mom had to incubate a living being that literally sucked the life right out of her, and eventually, she had to squeeze it from her body—the devious little creature wreaking havoc on its way out the door. After all that, she ended up with this little pooping, crying machine that only wanted to eat and steal all of her sleep. Eventually, that little creature began to move on its own, continuing its path of destruction throughout the home with no regard to the effort it takes to clean up after it.

Yet she continued to feed, clothe, protect, and shelter us. As we grew, we continued to go 100 miles per hour through life, taking from our mother with little to no appreciation for the many hours of her life she’s spent on laundry, meals, and cleaning up the continued trail of destruction we leave behind.

Let’s not even talk about how many times she’s had to get us out of trouble with cops, teachers, or other authority figures. She does this for 18 years of her life, and at the end of it, we walk out the door and say “peace out” with little regard for a life spent taking care of us. What a horrible investment!

Some of us creatures run off to join the military, where we happily put ourselves in harm’s way without regard for our mother’s feelings or thoughts on the matter. Yet she continues to support us, sending cookies, cards, box wine (never happened), and whatever other little fat snacks we like. Even though we might only call when we need something, her support and love never wavers. Over the years, we can always count on our moms when we need them.

Mothers day
Two little creatures waiting on mommy to send their fat snacks.

Because even badasses didn’t raise themselves, happy Mother’s Day from SOFREP. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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