Team Room, SOFREP is proud to announce that our TransitionHQ website is coming online next Monday, September 9, and we need employer beta testers. We need your help for this.

TransitionHQ is SOFREP’s military transition website. Our goal is to help military veterans from all services and all career areas to exit from the military and enter civilian life with knowledge, tools, and good jobs. We have some good writers lined up to provide the information that our service members, veterans and retirees need about the VA, PTSD, dealing with civilian job hunts, news and legislation, and much more.

Central to TransitionHQ is our outstanding jobs board which lists civilian job offerings available to military veterans. Unlike the jobs boards at the big websites, our offering is simple and to the point, with no bs or barriers to entry. You’ll find civilian jobs by area and classification, and the process to apply for jobs and communicate with employers and agencies will be handled within the website, securely and confidentially.

We have 3 types of jobs classifications for the civilian jobs listed on our website: Military Jobs, Security Clearance Jobs, and Special Operations Jobs. If you’re looking for folks with military training, we want to post your jobs. If your jobs require military training and security clearances, we want your jobs. And if you’re looking for special operations veterans, we want your jobs.