No, the military isn’t going to support a Trump coup. I was shocked at how many of my big-city friends actually thought this was a possibility. It just shows you how disconnected this country and all of us really are from each other.

America has the toughest and sharpest (albeit a bit tired) military the world has ever seen. However, supporting politicians who refuse to let go of their political binky isn’t what the military does. The military is an extremely professional organization that follows law and order and the elected commander in chief.

In this case, love it or not, Biden won.

I’ve not shared my thoughts politically until now. I just had bigger problems to solve rather than strapping into my Interceptor for the online politically charged conversation that would resemble Mad Max Fury Road. But screw it, COVID has me bored. So allow me to gas up, and get ready to roll…

First, I actually supported Trump early on. Something about rolling the Trump hand grenade into the plush halls of DC power put a smile on my face. This appealed to me especially after watching 20 years of failed foreign policy play out and a lot of great — some of the Nation’s brightest — Americans die in faraway places that most can’t find on a map. Plus Trump would be better for business, I thought to myself.

After leaving service and reflecting on just how fucked up America’s foreign policy was, I was ready to upset the political apple cart.

I can’t count the times I asked high-level appointees and politicians, “What’s the strategic plan or purpose for Afghanistan? Why are we there? Really?” Yet, my question was always followed by blank stares.

I would come back home after my combat tour in Afghanistan to reflect on how conflicted America was to have to hold prisoners in Cuba in order to deny them their basic Constitutional Rights under law. That’s just not what we are supposed to do as Americans. We’re the good guys, right?