As leftist media outlets continue to circle the wagons and engage in some of the worst reporting I’ve seen in decades. Trump’s shock and awe campaign is in full swing and exactly what his voters wanted, and what Washington deserves.

The first 100 days of the Trump Presidency continues to be covered from a news entertainment and sensationalism angle than from unbiased reporting. It’s embarrassing to watch, once respected outlets, like the New York Times go down the toilet bowl with their eyes wide shut but news entertainment sells in the modern digital age of media. Drive page views up with sensational headlines, grab more money from the programmatic AD machine, AD clients tails wag the dog on content, rinse, and repeat.

^^^This is the problem with the mainstream media today, and why people are looking elsewhere for news.

Trump’s shock and awe campaign in Washington, is exactly what the people who voted for him wanted to see happen, period. Americans are tired of career politicians and bureaucrats not getting the job done while they continue to live by a set of rules different from the rest of us with regards to their own healthcare and retirement benefits.

Note to fragile millennials and liberals who live in their chosen metropolis bubble: Don’t be surprised the next time you hear Trump’s admin say, “You’re fired!”, followed with a swift kick to the bureaucratic ass, Sally Yates style, and comparing this to Nixon’s Monday night Watergate massacre is uneducated at best. Were you paying attention to his campaign in 2016?

Image courtesy of Reuters

A good plan is understood by everyone from the bottom up, and everyone in America, everyone, whether or not you agree or not, understands what Trump is doing with immigration short-term, and this is a breath of fresh air in America.

While his plan is not perfect, it’s clear what’s happening with immigration where no clarity of plan existed before.

So relax entitled millennials, and old liberal guard, take a deep breath, and give it a chance before you continue to jump to ungrounded conclusions and are quick to spread more fake news on your social feed. Nobody likes change, and dramatic change is coming with the Trump Presidency. And if it’s really that bad for you, I hear the Canadian immigration website is back online.