Turkey’s Senior National Representative to the U.S. Central Command’s International Coalition is sitting behind bars in Tampa, Florida after police responded to a call for a woman not breathing.

According to a Military Times article, when law enforcement and Fire Rescue arrived at the apartment of Huseyin Kurtdere, a Major in the Turkish military, they found a 39-year-old woman lying dead on the bedroom floor. Kurtdere was present at the scene and claimed he had been giving the victim CPR.

According to police records and investigation, the woman had been tied up several times within a week prior to her death. The victim’s 7-year-old daughter had witnessed the event and was able to provide law enforcement a detailed recreation of what that took place. Tampa’s police report did not release the relationship between the woman and Huseyin Kurtdere.

According to the daughter, more than one person assisted in tying up the woman, which included tying her feet and gagging her with a sock. There were several other individuals at the apartment during the incident as well, whose names have not been released.

Kurtdere cooperatively went to the police headquarters to provide a statement and answer the investigating officers’ questions. According to Kurtdere, around July 10, the woman began acting strangely and out of character. Believing it was postpartum depression, he took her to MacDill Air Force Base, where she was prescribed medication. She proceeded to take the medication until her baby, which she was then breastfeeding, began to exhibit adverse effects.

Once off the medication, Kurtdere claims that the woman started to once again behave irrationally and would attempt to leave the house barefoot. To stop her from leaving the house, he would tie her up with workout bands and bedsheets, which she resisted. Kurtdere admitted that he would “dose her water with melatonin and give it to her with the hopes she would sleep and feel better.”

Kurtdere claimed he tied the woman up several times and would let her go once she had “calmed down.” On July 25, Kurtdere claims he exercised the same routine: removing the sock from her mouth, untying her, and laying her in bed. Only this time, he realized she had a weak pulse and when he went to wake her, he found her dead.

The Major is currently being held in jail without bail. He is charged with three counts of felony for false imprisonment and three counts of misdemeanor for battery.