I headed to the ready room and conducted a Pre Combat Inspection (PCI) on my gear, weapon system, and radio after our team had a look at the imagery of the proposed target building.  As it looked, all the buildings were of similar height in the neighborhood and we would have a difficult time obtaining the preferred advantage point that sniper teams thrive on.

We would need a place close to the target building, probably on the roof of a building similar in height.

Since we were heading out the door with an extra man–one who had many more years experience than me–I was given the job as the primary security man for our team. I would be tasked with the job of being the leading man in the element, and the one who would clear the roof before our team moved into place. After the leaders meeting and the briefing, we headed out to the vehicles and began our journey into unknown territory.

When riding inside of a steel cage such as a Stryker, one must find mechanisms to arrive mentally before hitting an enemy target. I enjoyed picturing myself on the range, watching the wind change, focusing on the fundamentals, squeezing the trigger and reliving the smell that a rife gives off right after it has fired. Then I would sleep. Kase would always wake me up 10 minutes before arriving at the target.