The names of two U. S. Army Green Berets awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously during the Vietnam War were inducted into the U.S. Army Special Forces Regiment as distinguished and honorary members Friday during a formal ceremony at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Ft. Bragg, N.C.

The honored Special Forces soldiers, Master Sergeant Charles E. Hosking, Jr. and Specialist Fifth Class John J. Kedenburg were among 12 people honored during the ceremony held at the John F. Kenney Hall Auditorium on Ft. Bragg.

Two additional inductees into the Special Forces Regiment included, Army Major General Geoffrey C. Lambert (Ret.), and Army Major Chester Garrett, awarded posthumously. Inducted into the Civil Affairs Regiment were: Army Brigadier General Bruce B. Bingham, (Ret.), Army Lieutenant Colonel Andrew S. Natsios, (Ret.), Mr. Gilberto R. Perez (Honorary), and Mr. Hani Abukishk (Honorary).

And inducted into the Psychological Operations Regiment were: Army Colonel John E. Markham, (Ret.), Army Lieutenant Colonel Herbert Avedon, (Posthumous), Army Major Raymond P. Ambrozak, (Ret.), and Governor Matthew C. Armstrong, (Honorary).