The United States has officially acknowledged that an American airstrike in the ISIS controlled city of Mosul, Iraq was potentially responsible for the death of over a hundred Iraqi civilians earlier this month.

Per an “initial review” released by the Defense Department, coalition fighters engaged targets directed by Iraqi Security Forces on March 17th, “at the location corresponding to allegations of civilian casualties.”  According to reports emerging from Iraq, as many as 137 civilians may have been killed in the ensuing strike.

According to Iraqi officials, eighty-three bodies had been pulled from the rubble, including those of women and children, by sundown on Saturday with continued excavation ongoing.  The U.S. military has announced that they have opened a full investigation into the incident.

These new allegations arose as the U.S. launched another investigation regarding coalition air strikes, this time after the bombing of a building adjacent to a mosque in Syria led to local activists accusing the U.S. of targeting innocent civilians with their strikes.  Activist groups such as the U.K. based “Airwars” have used these recent incidents to draw attention to what they call a “surge of U.S. linked deaths in Iraq and Syria.”  According to Airwars, at least a thousand civilians have been killed in the past month by coalition forces.