One soldier assigned to a Fort Bragg Special Operations unit was killed and two more were injured in a vehicle collision on Thursday afternoon when the soldiers’ Humvee collided with a car-carrier truck on Plank Road near the base.

“One soldier in the Humvee was dead at the scene, another airlifted to Womack Army Medical,” one local news outlet reported.  “The third soldier was treated at the scene”

Fort Bragg spokesman, Tom McCollum, said the incident took place at approximately 4:22PM.  The three soldiers departed the base in a Humvee belonging to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command and headed west on Plank Road where it seems to have struck the eastbound civilian car carrier head on near the intersection of Plank Road and Vass Road, east of Mott Lake.

Initial reports indicate that the civilian driver of the car-carrier truck was uninjured in the incident.

Lt. Col. Robert Bockholt, a spokesman for the command, said on Thursday night that it was too early to identify the soldiers or the unit they were assigned to.

“And it’s unfortunate it happened,” he said, “and we’re investigating what happened.”

Military procedure prohibits the release of the names of the soldiers involves until his next of kin of the deceased has been notified.

“It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce the death of one Soldier and three others injured in this accident. Again, we ask that you respect the families and friends by not post any photos or information you may have or heard about the accident,” Fort Bragg Public Affairs said in a statement on Facebook.

“If you are thinking of posting what you heard about this accident, please consider the accuracy of your information and the families and friends of those involved in it. Discretion at times is the better part of valor.”

Officials from Fort Bragg have not released any further details pertaining to the incident.

Earlier in the evening, Fort Bragg Public affairs took to social media to warn commuters away from Plank Road, though at the time they did not mention the involvement of any soldiers from the base.

“We understand there is a major accident on Plank Rd. west of Mott Lake that has traffic heading west on Plank Rd backed up for some distance. We realize this is late but if you can avoid using Plank Rd at this time, that would be best. There was a MEDEVAC to Womack from the site. Sorry but this is all we have on this accident.”  Their social media posts read.

Fort Bragg is the largest military installation in the world in terms of population, with more than 53,700 active duty personnel stationed on site and an additional 14,000 civilians working within the base.  Named after Confederate General Braxton Bragg, Fort Bragg boasts some of the most elite military units employed by the United States Armed Forces, including the Army’s XVIII Airborne Corps and the headquarters for U.S. Army Special Operations Command.  The base boasts two air strips, one of which is utilized by Air Force global airlift and special operations assets and the other, Simmons Army Airfield, where Army aviation units support the needs of airborne and special operations forces.


Image courtesy of ABC