The United States isn’t the only nation with a massive new aircraft carrier setting out to sea, as this week saw the launch of the HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s largest warship ever built, and its only aircraft carrier since retiring the much smaller HMS Illustrious in 2014.

The British Navy calls its new ship, named after the nation’s 91-year-old monarch, “four acres of sovereign territory, deployable across the globe to serve the United Kingdom.”

With a 65,000 ton displacement and overall length of 920 feet, the Queen Elizabeth still falls far short of matching America’s Nimitz or new Ford Class super carriers in terms of dimension, which each displace in the neighborhood of 100,000 tons and boast lengths of 1,092 feet.

That isn’t to say the Queen’s namesake is a ship to be trifled with: it is, after all, more than 200 feet longer and nearly three times the size of its predecessor, the Illustrious, which proved capable in combat during the 1982 Falklands conflict.