London, Great Britain—The UK Metropolitan Police is exchanging amnesty for weapons; it’s the second and final week of a scheme called the “National Gun Surrender.” People who possess an illegal firearm or ammunition can anonymously turn them in and receive amnesty.

Hitherto, more than 250 illegal firearms have been given to various police departments.  They include five machine guns, including a heavy GPMG and a Bren light machine gun from World War II, 31 shotguns, 30 handguns and six rifles. People have also handed in 48 air guns.  More than 4,000 rounds of ammunition have been given to the police.

“We are very pleased with the public response to the first week of the gun surrender,” said Detective Superintendent Mike Balcombe, assigned to the Trident and Area Crime Command.

The GPMG and Bren machine-guns that have been handed in | Twitter

Most of the weapons are destroyed by police armorers.  However, historical finds, such as the two WWII machine guns, will most probably find their way to a museum.