A suspected terrorist plot was foiled after a suspect was shot and seriously injured in a police counter-terrorism raid in a London neighborhood last night.

The suspect is a woman in her late 20s, and was arrested along with several others in the apartment raided by police. Authorities say this is the second active terror plot in London within 24 hours. As of now the two are unconnected.

Footage taken by a passerby showed what appears to be a tactical law enforcement team staged outside a home in a densely populated neighborhood. In the video, shots are heard before the person filming the scene runs from the area. Police say they used tear gas in the apartment. Two other people were arrested upon returning to the scene following the police raid. They were arrested “on suspicion of the commission, preparation and instigation of terrorist acts.”

Residents in the area said the family who lived in the apartment were from Somalia.

Police shootings are relatively rare in the United Kingdom. Last night’s shooting is potentially the first time a woman has been shot by police in 10 years, according to the BBC.