Ukraine in 2014 broke down and the country was divided in two: the pro-Russians and the pro-Ukrainians. Down in the Southeast, armed groups were formed and they took over a large number of cities and towns. Before long they got the support they needed from Russia and the war was on.

Russia then came in and annexed Crimea (who the hell just cuts part of a country off, this is the 21st century!) There have been a number of cease-fire agreements since 2014 (Minsk Agreements) but in all honesty these are not worth the paper they are written on. We are now in 2016 and the war continues to go on. The difference is that now no one cares, or people think it’s over. I can tell it still goes on every day in the Southeast of Ukraine. People on both sides are injured or died from mines and shelling. So what is the Minsk Agreement when did it come about?

 September 5 2014 the first Minsk Agreement came in called the (Minsk Protocol) but just two days later it was broken.

 February 12 2015 (Minsk II) was introduced. I can tell you this, I was in Shorykener with the Azov battalion and fighting went on everyday down there till April.