Overnight Ukraine appears to have launched a coordinated attack on a ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and its homeport of Sevastopol in Crimea.  In the dark of night, unmanned aerial vehicles attacked installations in the port, and the Russian guided missile frigate Makarov was attacked by what appeared to be several uncrewed surface vessels packed with explosives.  Several videos on line of the attack suggest at least one of the vessels struck the ship on the starboard side.

The type of USV employed is probably Ukrainian-built and has been previously used to attempt to strike at the Russian navy. In September one of these vessels washed ashore in Crimea and was recovered by Russian forces.

The vessel itself is not very large, perhaps 15 ft in length and has some interesting features.

First, it appears to be propelled by a gasoline-powered water jet engine used by personal watercraft.  The black hole is probably an exhaust port. The entire vessel may be based on a watercraft hull that has been repurposed for this task. With a large enough fuel tank it could travel several hundred miles