Lots of stuff being reported should be taken with a grain of salt about the war in Ukraine. Lots of stories presented as true later turned out to be false, like the story of the “Ghost of Kyiv” while more than a few false stories have been proven to be true, like the Russia Cruiser Moskva suffering a fire and not a hit from a Neptune cruise missile.  Here are a few things we call RUMINT or Rumor Intelligence that may or may not be true and what we think about them.

Inflatable Rockets

This a still from a Russian news report saying that new anti-aircraft missile systems have been delivered to Crimea to defend it from air and missile attacks. In the background, you can see an inflatable dummy launcher system which are used as decoys.  Ukraine should follow suit with a video of blow-up, inflatable MiG-29s they say are being readied for a strike on Crimea.


The Saki Airbase Attack, Explosion, Accident, or Something

The attack on Saki airbase in Russian-occupied Crimea destroys 9 aircraft, kills one, and wounds 9. Russia was quick to claim that it was a fuel explosion that detonated stored ammunition, no big deal, had minor damage and was under control. Ukraine itself denied any responsibility and agreed the explosions were due to Russian military incompetence.  Eyewitnesses said at least 12 explosions occurred, very big ones.

Speculation on the attack ran the full gamut of explanations and possible causes including Russian soldiers smoking near fuel and ammo storage sites, a strike by HIMARs, Ukraine Special Forces planting timed charges, Ukrainian Neptune missiles, or a secret heretofore unknown ballistic missile system entirely new to the battlefield.

A Washington Post article says the attack was carried out by Ukrainian Special Forces that infiltrated the airbase and planted charges.

We wonder if it couldn’t be more than one thing?