As the world moves on, Ukraine fights on as clashes in the east continue between the Ukrainian military and Russian-backed separatists. This year the nation has seen a surprising number of assassinations and attempts on prominent figures as well. Despite the proclaimed cease fires, the war still rages and both sides receive and hand out a staccato of artillery fire paired with small arms and covert action daily.

Only four days ago, not far from the city of Mariupol, four major attacks were executed on Ukrainian army positions by separatist forces; two Ukrainian soldiers were injured during the exchanges. In Marinka, seven civilian homes were shelled and destroyed that same day. Yesterday, four more attacks occurred close to the city of Myrne but no soldiers were injured. These sort of attacks are absolutely common place in the conflict; a casual exchange between sides. They often take place in the form of indirect fire using mortars or even larger artillery but are also done in conjunction with direct fire from machine guns and sharpshooters.

These are just a few of the identical scenarios occurring all along the eastern border of Ukraine every week. A series of bombings and gunpoint assassinations have rocked Kiev over the last year as well, killing some high-ranking officials including a special forces commander. Additionally, the United States has just sent a supply of antitank missiles to Ukraine under orders of the current administration.

The Russia/Ukraine animosity has been in existence since the first World War and isn’t going to dissipate anytime soon; just as the current conflict doesn’t have an end in sight. It will be interesting to see how things develop as the world’s super powers continue to support their respective proxies and address their own sets of problems. The UN and NATO will no doubt continue their influence in the conflict while Russia waves from the other side.