Ukraine’s Armed Forces Strategic Command Information

The Russian army continues to attempt offensive operations as they prepare an offensive in Eastern Ukraine.   At Mariupol, Russian troops are fighting house to house and block by block slowly leveling everything as they go.  Resistance remains fierce and Ukrainian troops are making the Russians pay for every foot of ground they take.  The battle itself is pretty fluid and if Russians leave a block or neighborhood to regroup they find Ukrainian forces retake it and they have to fight all over for it.

The main Russian effort remains fixed on Mariupol while also launching ground attacks near the city of Izyum to the SE of Kharkiv. This city is an important supply and communications hub at the intersection of four roads running North, North East, West, and South.

In Belarus, Russian forces are conducting operational and combat training activities at training grounds throughout the country. As many as four Belarus battalion tactical groups were moved close to the border with Ukraine.  The effect will be to tie down Ukrainian troops on the border to counter any move they might make into the country.

Ukraine is concerned that Belarus will be used for missiles and airstrikes launched against the country on infrastructure and civilian targets.