Ukraine’s “anti-terrorist operation,” launched on Sunday, is finally getting some results. Ukrainian soldiers have recaptured the Kramatorsk airport.

Gunfire exchanged between Ukrainian special operation forces (SOF) soldiers, who were seen conducting an air assault from helicopters, and Pro-Russian militants could be heard in the town of Kramatorsk.

Government forces estimated that about 30 armed gunmen were defending the small airport. A Reuters correspondent in Kramatorsk witnessed four Ukrainian military helicopters approaching the small airport. Two of them landed before troops stepped out and quickly moved towards the barricades, manned by Pro-Russian locals. Locals shouted “Shame! Go back home!”

Interim President Oleksander Turchynov issued a statement confirming the soldiers reclaimed the Kramatorsk airfield from Pro-Russian militants. The Ukrainian officials proudly announced that no casualties were taken during the attack on the airfield and that an undefined amount of Pro-Russian militiamen were taken prisoner.

State security services also explained that an operation of the same magnitude was in progress in Sloviasnk.

CTV News reported that President Turchynov told the parliament about the capture of the Kramatorsk airfield.