Interim President Oleksander Turchynov has called for United Nations (UN) Peacekeepers to help regain areas taken by Pro-Russian Insurgent Militants, believed by many to be Russian Special Operations Forces (SOF) soldiers.

Turchynov’s office told UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon that they could conduct joint-operations in eastern Ukraine.

“We are not against and welcome if, with your assistance, we conduct a joint anti-terrorist operation in the east” he said.

President Turchynov stated that he had no objection to a referendum in eastern Ukraine that would run alongside the planned presidential elections due in May. He strongly believes the majority of Ukrainians would endorse an “independent, democratic and unitary Ukraine.”

According to on-site witnesses, at least 100 armed Pro-Russian insurgents attacked a police station in Horlivka earlier today, forcing the Ukrainian riot officers to withdraw from the area.

Ukrainian TV footage was able to broadcast an ambulance treating several people who were ostensibly wounded during the assault on the police HQ of Horlivka.

Separatist leaders in Horlivka have submitted a request for help to Moscow on behalf of the “Donetsk People’s Republic,” Reuters reported. Armed men supporting the separatists, who Western leaders claims to be Russian SOF, have established roadblock checkpoints and barricades in the area’s towns.

World leaders cautioned the recent violent uprising and the capturing of government building to be a “dangerous escalation” in the current situation.