Russia has seized three Ukrainian Navy ships off the coast of Russian Annexed Crimea after opening fire on Ukrainian servicemen, and wounding several. Martial law has been declared and the Ukrainian armed forces put on the highest alert. The risk of a full-scale war has never been higher.

So, by now, you will have seen in the news how Russia has seized three Ukrainian naval vessels and captured 24 Ukrainian servicemen. This incident took place off the coast of Crimea, a small part of Ukraine which Russia annexed from the Ukrainian government in 2014. On top of this latest incident, let us not forget that Russia has incited a four-year war in the Donbass regions of Ukraine.

While not clarifying what part they have played in the uprising in the east of Ukraine, there is more than enough evidence to suggest that Russia has directly supported the supposed “separatists.” They have also deployed regular armed forces and special operations forces in the east of Ukraine to destabilise the country. Bringing us back to the latest incident, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Russia would indeed want to continue flexing its strength in the region. This latest sign of aggression — if that’s what you want to call it! — for me, is just a straight up assault on Ukraine, and Russia proving once again that it can do what it likes when it likes. With little to zero fallout. And show the Ukrainians that Russia is indeed the dominant force with which they should have aligned themselves.

Ok. Enough of the hype, and enough of what Russia has done to Ukraine. What all this really means is the big question.