Going Old School on the Russians

Over the years, Ihor Tokarivsky has built a successful business by putting up mobile telephone towers across Ukraine. His company makes steel parts for the towers, assembles them, and finally adds electronic components.

Lviv locals making ‘Czech hedgehogs’ to scupper Russian tanks. Image credit: Twitter @lealolivas

You may have seen ‘Czech hedgehogs’ similar to the one above used on the beaches of Normandy in the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan. They are quite effective in keeping light to medium tanks and vehicles from penetrating lines of defense. Each one takes 10 minutes to produce.

With so many Russian tanks and other heavy vehicles in the area, the need is certainly there.

They also make caltrops in a smaller size which is perfect for puncturing tires. Image credit: Askold Krushelnycky

The caltrops shown above are area denial weapons that have been used in battle since ancient times. For example, Alexander the Great employed them to beat the Persians at the Battle of Issus over two millennia ago. They were initially intended to stop horses and war chariots during calvary charges. Today, they serve to puncture tires and soldiers’ boots.