The ongoing war in South Sudan has generated over 1 million child refugees, part of a humanitarian catastrophe where “the future of a generation is truly on the brink,” according to UNICEF.

About 62 percent of the refugees fleeing the conflict are children, and 75,000 are completely unaccompanied by any parents or families, making them extremely vulnerable to various types of exploitation. Both sides in the ongoing civil war are known to recruit and employ child soldiers.

“The horrifying fact that nearly one in five children in South Sudan has been forced to flee their home illustrates how devastating this conflict has been for the country’s most vulnerable,” said Leila Pakkala, UNICEF’s Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa. In addition to the refugees who have left South Sudan for surrounding countries, over 1 million people are physically displaced within the country itself.

Nearly 75% of South Sudanese children do not attend school, the highest proportion in the world.