Decorated Special Operations Independent Duty Corpsman, U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Eric Gilmet, has been prejudicially rejected by the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill’s Graduate School. The university determined that his “alleged behavior is more likely than not to pose a danger to members of the University community, University property, or the proper function of the academic process.”

Here is the problem: Gilmet has not been convicted of a crime as he has not even been to trial. Nor did he commit one in the first place. Not only that but under normal circumstances, this particular UNC program is 97 percent online, with only 3 percent being on campus. So, it is unclear how Gilmet would have posed a danger to the university’s community. Additionally, UNC is now conducting classes entirely online due to COVID-19.

Why would a man with no criminal record be denied admission to a program that he is more than qualified for? Let’s examine the situation.

Gilmet is a member of the MARSOC 3, a group of Marine Raiders who have been falsely accused, by their command, of manslaughter and other overzealous charges for what video footage shows to be self-defense.