Ukraine has formed an International Brigade made up of foreigners to help his country fight off a Russian invasion launched last week,  According to the statement on President Zelensky’s website,

“All foreigners wishing to join the resistance against the Russian occupiers and protect global security are invited by the Ukrainian leadership to come to our state and join the ranks of the territorial defense forces,”

Before you sign on the dotted line and join the resistance against the Rooskies, here is what you need to know.

The Age Limit

You need to be between 18-40 to sign up and be able-bodied.  They will probably require you to have a physical at your own expense to prove you are in good health as a condition to joining up.  They will take you up to age 60 under a waiver if you have some special skill they need.

The Pay

Don’t expect to get rich. A front-line private in Ukraine’s army pulls down about $430 a month and a second-line soldier gets about $200 a month, so you better be down for the cause of saving democracy in Europe because you sure won’t be saving the minimum wage law over there.  You do get fed, clothed, and housed for free and free medical care as well. We think it’s tax-free too, or at least it better be.  It’s kind of nuts for you to join the army and then get your pay taxed to pay the salaries of people who join the army.

Actually, the United States does that, so it is nuts.

You Have To Sign A Contract

If you think being a “volunteer” means you can un-volunteer and just go home whenever you want, guess again.  You have to sign a three-year contract, which given the dismal showing of the Russian army so far, you might find yourself obligated to serve in the International Brigade long after the war is over.

You May Not Be Sent To The Front To Fight Ivan At All

Unless you have recent combat experience or other current and critical skills, you may not ever see any action at all.  Members of the International Brigade will present a delicate political situation for Ukraine’s government.  If they send you over the trenches in a human wave attack and you all get slaughtered it will look bad in the papers.  So you may find yourself relegated to being a gate guard at a base or driving a truck to free up another Ukrainian soldier to go to the front and fight.  And he is not likely to be happy about that.