Note: This is part three of a multi-part series exploring the various units within the U.K. Special Forces (UKSF).

The Special Boat Service (SBS), one of the oldest Special Forces regiments, is the U.K.’s premier naval counter-terrorism unit (CT). The unit is tasked with addressing assaults on U.K.’s maritime interests. Over the years the SBS has established techniques for rescuing hostages on oil rigs, cruise ships, and cross-channel ferries. In the event of a rescue operation on an oil rig in the North Sea, for example, the SBS would be the unit to answer this challenging task.

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UKSF keeps at least one squadron on standby for counterterrorism (CT) operations in the U.K. The SBS works alongside the SAS for any scenarios in which one squadron would not be adequate. Such scenarios could include a terrorist attack of a nuclear power station or the simultaneous occupations of numerous nuclear sites.