They didn’t want anyone to say anything to you, but a few years ago 19 men quietly died for America. You never knew about them because they loved you so much that they didn’t even want you to know you were in danger. Nobody said anything to you because they didn’t want you to bear the burden of knowing they gave their life for you. You might remember some of the stories in the news, but you wouldn’t have realized that they were about you and your family. That’s how they wanted it.

These guys that did this for us, as well as the ones who have taken their place since, will be upset with me for telling you any of this. As I said, these are amazing people who would give their life just so we didn’t have to concern ourselves with matters such as these. I’m going to say something anyways, because I’m afraid if I don’t we’re going to run out of people like them. People who engage in the things we’re afraid to. People who stand up and say “I’ll Go” so that our sons and daughters don’t have to.

How many more special strangers like this are there who would do this for America? How many people will volunteer to leave their own family behind so that we get to see ours everyday and go on about our life as if nothing was happening? To be honest, I find it amazing that people like this even exist. I know they’re still out there, but eventually, if we keep ignoring them, we may find that one day they’ll all be gone.

Before I introduce you to these men, I’m going to take a moment here to help you better understand how truly special to you they are. I’d like to invite you to briefly step into their shoes.