According to news reports and emergency radio traffic coming out of the area, it appears that a helicopter has crashed in the vicinity of Charlottesville, Virginia.  It was a Virginia State police helicopter and at least two are confirmed dead.  At least one SOFREP source claims that the helicopter is likely a “Medflight” (EMS) helicopter that flies out of Chesterfield, Virginia, though that is unconfirmed.  State police run the Medflight program in conjunction with Chesterfield Fire and EMS. The State Police own the helicopters and provide troopers to fly, while Chesterfield Fire proves flight medics.

According to the Virginia Fire Network, an aircraft is down in Charlottesville, at 43 Old Farm Rd.  “Helicopter down & fully involved. One or two souls possibly still aboard (VFN102).”  This means that the downed helicopter is fully involved in fire (completely on fire).

Per the New York Times on Twitter:

According to a SOFREP source, Central Virginia’s regional HAZMAT team has also been deployed to the scene of the crash, as is standard procedure.

More information will be forthcoming as it becomes available.

Featured image courtesy of Twitter.