Chaos, Confusion and Consternation

The ongoing war in Gaza, a subject of international concern and consternation, has seen significant developments recently. As of this second week in November 2023, Israeli forces have intensified their military operations in northern Gaza, effectively severing it from the rest of the territory. This action is part of Israel’s month-long conflict with Hamas, the actual governing authority in the Gaza Strip, which is widely recognized as a terrorist organization by countries including the United States, the European Union, and Israel.

US President Joe Biden, in response to the escalating conflict, has been actively engaged in diplomatic efforts to mitigate the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Biden encouraged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to implement daily four-hour humanitarian pauses in the military assault on Hamas-controlled northern Gaza. These pauses are intended to provide a window for remaining residents to leave the area and the delivery of humanitarian aid.

The White House announced that Israel had agreed to these pauses, which would be communicated at least three hours in advance. Additionally, Israel committed to opening a second corridor for civilians to flee the conflict zones, supplementing the main north-south highway with a coastal road. This measure aims to facilitate safer civilian movement away from areas of intense military activity.