According to a source in the area of Charlottesville, Virginia, with access to first responders in the vicinity of Charlottesville, as of 4:45 Eastern Standard Time on August 12, 2017, there was still chaos in the Charlottesville area in the aftermath of a far-right white nationalist rally that occurred at the University of Virginia earlier in the day.  The official name of the rally, used by those involved, was “Unite the Right.”

As previously reported, at least one person was killed when a car drove through a crowd and into another car at a high rate of speed.

Additionally, numerous traffic accidents were occurring in the area surrounding Charlottesville, as vehicles headed both to and away from the scene of the violence and marching.  Local police and fire units were on the lookout for weapons and explosives in any vehicles involved in accidents or traffic stops approaching Charlottesville.

Photo: Twitter

The Governor of Virginia, meanwhile, had also declared a state of emergency as of 4:45 EST, and it appeared that large numbers of Virginia State Police were converging on the area.  The National Guard has been mobilized as well.

According to press reports, at least one person was killed and 19 injured in the vehicle ramming incident, which might have included up to three cars.  15 others were injured at various other points in the rally, and a number of people have been arrested.

More details will follow as they become available.

Featured image courtesy of the Charlottesville City Hall Twitter.