The United States Air Force conducted airstrikes on Iranian proxy militias. The strikes came after repeated drone attacks by the militias against bases that house U.S. and coalition personnel. 

On Sunday night, local time, U.S. F-15 Strike Eagle and F-16 Falcon aircraft on Sunday aircraft hit two targets in Syria and one in Iraq. Reportedly, the drone attacks, which have been ongoing for three months, had originated from these locations.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said, “As demonstrated by this evening’s strikes, President Biden has been clear that he will act to protect U.S. personnel. Given the ongoing series of attacks by Iran-backed groups targeting U.S. interests in Iraq, the President directed further military action to disrupt and deter such attacks.”

“The United States took necessary, appropriate, and deliberate action designed to limit the risk of escalation — but also to send a clear and unambiguous deterrent message,” Kirby added.