Combating Houthi Aggression

In a recent strategic move, U.S. President Joe Biden aimed to orchestrate a robust global reaction to the Houthi insurgent aggression impacting maritime routes in the Red Sea. This initiative, dubbed Operation Prosperity Guardian, was intended to be a new naval coalition. However, a week post-launch, it’s evident that numerous allies are hesitant to publicly endorse or participate in the coalition.

Despite initially being named as contributors, European nations like Italy and Spain have made declarations that seem to withdraw their involvement from the initiative.

The U.S. Defense Department describes the coalition as a defensive alliance encompassing over 20 countries, committed to safeguarding the free flow of commerce through a critical Red Sea juncture near Yemen. Yet, as of now, nearly half of these nations have refrained from publicly acknowledging their support or allowing the U.S. to do so on their behalf. Contributions vary significantly, from deploying naval vessels to simply providing personnel.