A joint United States-Kenyan airbase near the border with Somalia was attacked by al-Shabab jihadists early on Sunday morning. There are no reports of casualties yet, as American officials described the situation as “fluid.” 

The fighting occurred at Camp Simba in Lamu county in eastern Kenya near the Somali border. The terrorists used a suicide car bomb to gain entrance to the base. Kenyan officials said that four attackers were killed and five were captured. Al-Shabab claims that American and Kenyan aircraft and vehicles were destroyed in the pre-dawn attack have not been verified. However, al-Shabab posted pictures on Twitter showing what they claim to be aircraft burning at the airbase.

AFRICOM issued a statement that the airbase at Manda Bay was “still in the process of being fully secured.”

The jihadists from al-Shabab claim that they took over part of the airbase and that intense ground combat with U.S. troops is continuing. However, that report was denied by Kenyan and U.S. officials that stated that the attack was driven back.