I thought it would be in every concerned U.S. citizens (most are more concerned with TMZ) to shine more light on this group.  LeT is the new AQ and in fact, they make AQ look pretty fucking weak in comparison.   Take a hard look at the dirty underbelly and decide for yourself.

10 LeT Gunmen killed 165 in India. That’s A Good Kill Ratio

You have to respect your enemy and I appreciate LeT’s coordination with regards to Mumbai, and their Kill Rations of 1: 16.5 on target.


If you think Pakistan is a friend in this fight just read the quote below and take a look at who’s in charge. Admittedly we (US) are pretty good at talking out of both sides of our own mouths too. The Pakistan situation is complex and there’s a reason we try and keep them engaged. They’re Nuclear too, after all, and how do you spread a virus? You cough on your associate and let him spread it to all his friends.

“Pakistan arrested Lashkar-e-Taiba’s senior leaders after the Mumbai attacks. But most of them, including Mr Saeed, were later freed on appeal.” -BBC News

Reflection: When was the last time we actually paid a bounty???  I hope Obama is ready to cut a fat check to JSOC’s ST6.

Brandon out.

From BBC News

Mr Saeed now heads the Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) group, widely seen as a front for LeT – which is blamed for the 2008 Mumbai attacks in India.