By now, most of our readers have seen the video of an American military convoy running a Russian military vehicle off the road. It is the latest of a series of disturbing escalations between American and Russian soldiers in Syria. 

The video, which is shown below, shows a Russian convoy attempting to pass the American convoy on the highway. When that fails, they attempt to pass on the soft shoulder of the road. An American Oshkosh armored truck blocks the Russians from doing so and may have even made contact with the Russian vehicle. 

Officials from CENTCOM have announced that they’re reviewing the footage, and incident. “The Coalition’s goal is to de-escalate any unplanned encounters with other forces operating in northeastern Syria. The videoed driving incident is under review,” Col. Myles B. Caggins III, the spokesman for OIR emailed to the Military Times in a statement.

However, back in the United States, the state of Massachusetts has taken umbrage with the behavior of the American troops, calling it a “serious violation of military order and discipline.” The Massachusetts State House believes the American soldiers should be disciplined. 

The heavily Democrat-controlled state government issued a statement that read: “Massachusetts strongly condemns the aggressive behavior of the American troops while trying to interfere with the legal right of the peace-loving Russian people to deliver food and humanitarian aid to the suffering Syrian people.” 

“We strongly condemn this serious violation of military order and discipline. Such aggressive, violent behavior has no place in a war zone and is just another indication of this current administration’s lack of respect for the niceties of war.”  

The Massachusetts State Police (MSP) issued a statement in conjunction with the State House, saying that the American drivers in question were no doubt from Massachusetts and were contemplating suspending their rights to drive in the state.