The U.S. Women’s Water Polo team is currently ranked #1 in the world and is gearing up for a holiday tournament next month. The U.S. team won the Gold Medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil, its second in a row, and has its eyes set for the gold at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

The women rolled through the competition this summer, winning the Gold Medal at the Pan Am Games in Peru. The win in Lima was the fifth straight Pan Am win for the women. En route to the title they crushed Peru 21-3, then Cuba 31-7 to finally reach the finals where they dispatched Canada 24-4.

So, how do the women prepare themselves for the next tournament? How about spending a day training with Navy SEALs in Coronado, CA.

Playing competitive water polo is not for the faint of heart: ask any SEAL or Combat Diver, who has played by “combat” rules in the pool, and they’ll attest to the toughness. And playing on a national team at an Olympic Gold Medal level is another thing entirely. But there is a vast difference between playing a sport — albeit a very physically demanding one in a pool — and being a Special Operator working in the ocean.