The Pacific will soon see a rare show of military force, as two of the largest warships ever built, along with their accompanying entourage of Naval vessels, will commence joint training operations as early as Wednesday.

The USS Carl Vinson, which has been in the proximity of the Korean Peninsula for weeks as a result of increased tensions between North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, and a coalition of nations led by the United States intent on seeing Kim’s nuclear aspirations dashed, will be joined by another massive Nimitz Class aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan, in the Sea of Japan.

While this unusual meeting of aircraft carriers in not entirely unprecedented, it is fairly uncommon, as each massive vessel and accompanying strike group can deliver an incredible amount of American firepower alone.  The United States Navy has ten Nimitz Class carriers, distributed around the globe to ensure free passage of international commerce and as a means of force projection for the U.S. military.  Truly, a single U.S. Navy Carrier Strike Group can rival the entire military of many nations around the world through sheer firepower and the use of advanced military technologies.

The two strike groups are expected to conduct joint training operations hundreds of miles off the coast of the Korean Peninsula, and formally, they are not intended to be conveying any message in particular to Kim’s North Korean regime, but formal message may be unnecessary when two 102,000 ton warships, each more than three football fields long, are parked on the horizon – let alone accompanying guided missile destroyers, nuclear submarines, and the like.