Last week, several Marine Raiders received awards for their actions during a deployment in Afghanistan.

In total, the Raiders, who are assigned to the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion, received eight medals. The team chief of the Marine Special Operations Team (MSOT) that was involved in the action received the Silver Star (the third-highest award for valor under fire).

As the senior non-commissioned officer and the second-in-charge in the MSOT, he led a combined force of Raiders and Afghan commandos against a heavily defended Taliban position. He particularly distinguished himself by assaulting an enemy bunker through open ground and for exposing his person to retrieve a wounded Afghan Commando.

Three other Raiders received the Bronze Star with Valor (the fourth-highest award for valor under fire); four others received the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Valor.

During the award ceremony, the anonymous Raider who received the Silver Star took a moment to reflect on the actions of his team on that day.

“The entire team remained calm, concise over the radios. They were controlled, efficient, synchronized, and ultimately, brutally lethal to end that fight,” he said. “One thing I did want to recognize is that this was not an isolated incident. This is the incident we are recognizing these guys for, but this happened multiple times, with the same, if not, very similar circumstances and many of the Marines being honored today did the exact same actions and performed just as well multiple times. You guys humbled me throughout the entire deployment. It was an honor to serve with you.”

A Marine Raider and Coalition Commando move to a higher position after coalition forces received smalls arms fire during a route recon patrol through the hills of Farah Prov. Feb. 26 (DVIDS).

The Marine Force Special Operations Command (MARSOC) of the Marine Raider Regiment, Marine Raider Support Group, and the Marine Raider Training Center.

The Marine Raider Regiment, which is the operational unit of MARSOC, is comprised of three Battalions (1st, 2nd, and 3rd), each of which contains four Marine Special Operations Companies (MSOC), which, in turn, have four MSOTs.