Venezuela and China signed valuable deals and cooperation agreements on Friday, some of which give China access to the South American country’s coveted oil fields. According to Reuters, Venezuela’s president Nicolás Maduro traveled to Beijing on Wednesday in search of an “economic agreement” to boost Venezuela’s collapsing economy,

“I am going with great expectations and we will see each other again in a few days with big achievements,” Maduro said in a government-broadcasted statement before boarding his airplane bound for Beijing.

In total, 28 separate deals were signed by the two parties. One of the most important agreements gives China a more substantial stake in Venezuela’s Sinovensa oil firm, and another agreement now allows the Chinese to build as many as 300 wells in Ayacucho, part of the socialist country’s “oil-rich Orinoco Belt,” according to Reuters.

Other agreements concerning “mining, economy, security, technology, and healthcare” were signed as well, according to Business Standard. Of particular note is the deal between China’s ZTE Corporation and the Venezuelan “Ministry of People’s Power for Health,” although the particulars of that partnership have not been disclosed.