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Are you in need of some badass veteran-made artwork? Check out Thirty Seconds Out, owned and operated by Evan, a twenty-year combat veteran. His artwork is a mix of street art with a military twist. Inspired by his experiences in the military, Evan uses painting to capture the aspects of war often only seen by the operators on the ground. For example, “Heavy Days” is the featured image at the top of this article, and as you can see, it shows the toll that some of the heavy days has on those who protect our freedom.

IMG_0356 (1)
Veterans Alley, San Francisco 2015. Evan and his son putting up a Heavy Days (Banksy style) stencil piece.


I was first introduced to Evan and 30 Seconds Out when he painted a series of limited-edition artwork called “Commute” to support Jimmy Hatch’s SpikeK9Fund. I was lucky enough to buy one and it still hangs on my wall today. Evan took one of Jimmy’s pictures featuring Jimmy and Spike in the open door of a Blackhawk during one of their missions and turned it into art. You can see Spike, one of Jimmy’s military working dogs, in the center of the painting.

Here is “Commute” hanging on my wall.

After sustaining a traumatic brain injury, Evan got out of the military (he prefers to remain in the shadows and does not want his team or unit published). Painting and creating art allows him to enjoy the simplicity in life again, which is sometimes the perfect medicine for those suffering from a TBI. He created a niche for his art that appeals mainly to those in the military and those who support the military. His unique style and sense of humor can be seen in all of his pieces. When asked how he transitioned from a warrior to artist, he stated,

I was in the teams for 20 years, 10 combat deployments. I’m happy to be vertical, enjoying this second phase of life. As you know, a lot of guys didn’t get as lucky as I did. Just living up in the mountains making art and apparel that resonates with my friends.
I started to like doing art, whether it is painting with oils and acrylics or graphic design using Adobe illustrator. It’s nice because there are no real rules when you’re creating. I like the challenge of mixing a message into the art, with or without the use of text. It’s relaxing and I have the option to keep it to myself or share it on my website.”
Please check out his artwork. He has created other great stuff besides paintings, such as stickers, stencils, and apparel. SOFREP readers can get a 20 percent discount by using the codeword “SOFREP.”
Here is just a small portion of his work: