I need your help to make this Veterans day meaningful for the Special Operations Warfighter who gave all for their country. Many of you have asked what you can do in the past to support the community, here it is.

I’m asking you to read the names of two fallen warriors from the list housed at the Special Operations Memorial (link is below). There’s just too many names and not enough hours in the day for our small staff to record this all by ourselves so we need your help!

This special recording will air on SOFREP radio on iTunes and elsewhere. I’ll be in New York City for Veterans week to talk about this project with various TV, radio and news media. Let’s do something extraordinary this Veterans Day and share it with all of America.

JT-Navy-SEAL-Dog-Hawkeye-SOFREP.comUS Navy SEAL Jon “JT” Tumilson’s memorial service with his dog “Hawkeye” by his side.